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Aiwa City Attock is a new housing project of the 5G Group of Companies to bring the ultimate revolution for living and business standards in the historical city of Punjab. The basic purpose of 5G Properties to launch Aiwa City in Attock is a forward step for people who are seeking international living standards within the premises of their city.

It is the best affordable housing in Attock to offer customers fantastic commercial and residential areas. The management has made sure to offer the best facilities to the investors and residents within the society. Now, it is an opportunity for you to become a part of the modern housing scheme in Attock.

Aiwa City Attock Developers & Owners

The successful execution of a housing project depends upon the owners’ reliability. 5G Group of Companies is the owner of Aiwa City Attock, bringing the new standards. Moreover, people also prefer a project that is owned by well-known real estate giants.

The interesting fact is that the developers of Aiwa City Attock, also the 5G Group of Companies, have a significant role in this residential project because of the fast development according to the international infrastructure. They are aimed to utilize the best development strategies to develop this residential project quickly.

Aiwa City Attock NOC Status

The legal status of Aiwa City Attock is approved soon by TMA Attock to make sure that your investment is safe. Moreover, end-users and investors always consider the NOC status before buying a property, which is a good factor in real estate. It always recommended investing in legally approved housing projects to avoid legal challenges.

Aiwa City NOC status is a green signal for the people who always want to make an investment in secured housing projects to earn a handsome amount of profit. The NOC status of Aiwa City Attock boosts the customers’ trust in the housing society.

Aiwa City Attock Location

The location of Aiwa City Attock is on the main GT Road near N-5 Highway. The ease of access increases the value of a housing society in the real estate market. Therefore, the management has selected an accessible place within the surroundings of Attock to enable the customers to reach society easily.

Aiwa City location has made this housing project a hot cake among potential investors who always invest in projects that ensure high profitability to them. Moreover, Aiwa City is located in a prime place to ensure a world-class residential experience for people who want to live in a new housing society in Attock.

Aiwa City Map:

Every potential customer wants to know the graphical location because it helps them to easily know the exact location of society on the map. The map is as follows:
Nearby Landmarks:

  • Attock Fort
  • New City Paradise
  • New City Wah cantt
  • Mehria Town
  • Jinnah Park
  • Gurdwara Sri Panja Sahib
  • Aqua Fun Resort
  • J. Junaid Jamshed Attock


The access points of this housing in Attock are given below:

  • Six minutes from Attock Cantt 
  • Eight minutes from Attock Police Station
  • Ten minutes from DHQ Hospital Attock
  • Sixteen minutes from Government College of Technology Attock
  • Eighteen minutes from COMSATS University Campus Attock

Aiwa City Attock Master Plan

The management has hired a Singapore-based firm Surbana Jurong to design the master plan of Aiwa City for detailed information about the available properties. Moreover, this famous international master plan designing company is better known for designing the master plan of various housing projects.

The end-users can also easily view the Aiwa City layout plan to choose the best location to buy a plot. Moreover, this layout plan is a magnificent source of viewing the properties in this housing project. The master plan includes every compulsory facility that brings comfort to residents’ lives.

Aiwa City Attock Payment Plan

The payment plan of Aiwa City Attock is very reasonable in the present higher rate of inflation in the country. The payment schedule helps potential customers to understand the affordability of buying the properties. Therefore, management has made sure to keep affordable plot rates to enable the middle-class community to live in the high-standard society of Attock. 

The payment plan has become more affordable in the presence of installments, which is a great initiative by the management. There are several residential and commercial plots for sale in Aiwa City Attock to elevate the lifestyle and business. The Aiwa City pre-launch rates are considered a valuable opportunity for people who want to own real estate properties at a reasonable rate. 

Residential Plots Payment Schedule 

There are residential plots for sale in Aiwa City at different payment schedules in accordance with different categories. The management has launched the payment plan for Aiwa City Attock residential plots. You can book your residential plot at the pre-launch rates with the assistance of MTG Marketing’s.

Commercial Plots Payment Schedule 

The payment plan for Aiwa City commercial plots will be launched in the upcoming days by the management of society. The reasonable rates of commercial plots will help the investors to get a good profit through their investments.

Aiwa City Attock Booking Process

It’s a fact that everyone doesn’t know about the plot booking procedure. However, it is good to have complete knowledge of the Aiwa City Attock plot booking procedure. The management has tried to keep the simplest booking process to encourage the investors to invest in Aiwa City Attock. 

The good news for customers is that MTG Marketing’s also provides exceptional real estate services to customers who don’t have to go through the complex booking procedure. Therefore, you can contact the experienced team of our real estate firm to book your plot smoothly. 

The plot booking details are given below:

  • Submission of Aiwa City Attock application form after carefully filling out
  • Attachment of the concerned customer’s CNIC copies
  • Choice of paying the order and cheque for paying the down payment
  • Management’s confirmation is mandatory for the submission of cash payment
  •  Submission of the necessary documents

Aiwa City Attock Booking Documents

There are different essential documents to book a plot in this latest residential project by 5G Group of Companies. MTG Marketing’s recommend you come up with the following documents at the time of booking a plot in this housing society. 

  • CNIC copies of the buyer and Next to Kin
  • Passport-size pictures
  • NICOP for overseas customers

What are the Benefits of Investment in Aiwa City Attock?

The basic reason for buying a property in this housing society is to enjoy the benefits. The affordable payment plan, legal status, and location are the main factors that motivate buyers to own a property in this society. Therefore, you must know about the advantages of investing in this society. 

Financial Security 

The purchasing of a property has become difficult due to inflation. However, every person wants to have the financial security to deal with a different crisis. The affordable rates of plots in this society are a good source for becoming financially independent. Moreover, property rates are regularly increasing. Property is the best way to have satisfaction on bad days. 

Passive Income 

The people are desperately looking for sources of passive income because of the limited number of jobs in Pakistan. Moreover, inflation is increasing, which is damaging the middle-class community. Therefore, it is a fantastic idea to keep a source of passive income by owning a property in this residential project. 


Every business binds the owners to manage it regularly for progress with earnings. However, the real estate sector has brought a business model that doesn’t require daily management. 

The flexible way of earning profit without working on a daily basis owning a residential or commercial property in a residential society. Therefore, you’re not required to visit your property regularly. The value of your property will be boosted to become a beneficial asset.

Valuable Business 

It’s a fact that people want to live in their comfort zone by choosing a 9 to 5 job. Moreover, they also compromise on their dreams of becoming a businessman. You don’t need to spend years building other businesses because it is time to build your business. 

The ownership of property is a great opportunity for people to have a valuable business. Therefore, it’s time to purchase your plot to get started with great profitability.

Facilities & Amenities

Aiwa City Attock is a real estate project by the 5G Group of Companies with a mission of facilitating the customers in every possible way. Therefore, management has ensured the best amenities in this residential society. The purpose of including world-class facilities is to bring comfort to the respective customers. You’re able to maintain a magnificent lifestyle because of available resources.  


Religion is the main concern of every person across the world. Therefore, the management of housing societies considers this a crucial factor. Therefore, this top housing society in Attock includes the mosque to enable the residents to perform their religious duties peacefully. 


The primary facility of a residential society is the advanced medical services to ensure a healthy lifestyle for the residents. Therefore, this new housing society consists of hospitals and clinics to ensure the availability of medical services around the clock. The hospital consists of modern medical equipment to ensure a magnificent healthcare facility. 


A community becomes productive because of the high standard of education. Therefore, management has included world-class schools and colleges to make sure that residents enjoy the best educational facility within the premises of society. 


Every citizen in Pakistan prioritizes housing societies that have a world-class security system. Therefore, this society consists of modern equipment for a foolproof security system. This advanced system for security in the presence of CCTV cameras and experienced security staff ensures exceptional safety for the residents. 

Electricity & Gas

Gas and electricity have become the necessary components of a comfortable lifestyle around the world. Therefore, these basic facilities have become immensely important for a successful residential project. The management works dedicatedly to ensure the seamless supply of both electricity and gas without any breakout to every customer within the society.  

Water Resources

There is no life without the presence of water. Moreover, purified water is the basic right of every resident to have a healthy lifestyle. You’re able to have filtered water at your doorstep without any problem. 


Refreshment has a magnificent role in your busy lifestyle. The entertainment enables you to maintain your physical and mental health. Therefore, the facility of entertainment in this new residential society in Attock is helpful for the residents in relieving their stress

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